Past Productions

Bach’s St John Passion

St Bartholomew-the-Great | 19 April 2019 | 2.30pm

Es ist Vollbracht

Alto Katie Bray
Harpsichord Michael Papadopoulos
Viola da Gamba Miriam Nohl

Filming and editing by Sophie Sparkes

An intimate and historically-informed performance of Bach’s gripping St John Passion in London's oldest parish church on Good Friday.

an excellent performance… spiritually moving and artistically very successful
— Nicholas Riddle, CEO of Edition Peters


Evangelist Richard Robbins
Jesus Michael Mofidian
Pilate Ivo Almond
Soprano Raphaela Papadakis
Alto Katie Bray

Conductor Frederick Waxman

Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Stimmung 

Barts Pathology Museum | 1 - 2 February 2019 | 7pm


What they said

“Without a doubt, one of the most powerful musical experiences I have had in the last decade”

Donald Macleod
BBC Radio 3

‘The future is a portal inward, what we find there will be computational and ancient’ - Gray Scott, Futurist

A category-shattering work that falls somewhere in between meditation and necromantic summoning, Stimmung is perhaps Stockhausen’s most iconic work. Performed in the surroundings of Barts Pathology Museum, replete with creatures suspended in that uncanny formaldehyde-drenched space between life and death, our site-specific production will take you on a journey into the psyche through light and scent.


Soprano 1 Hannah King
Soprano 2 Olivia Bell
Alto Helen Charlston
Tenor 1 Oliver Clarke
Tenor 2 Benedict Collins Rice
Bass Jonny Venvell

Production Team

Producer Frederick Waxman
Artistic Director Peter Thickett
Lighting Edward Saunders
Scent Harry Sherwood

Production Photographs

Credit to James Frederick Barrett

Benjamin Britten's Curlew River

St Bartholomew the Great | 9 - 13 Jan 2018 | 8 pm


What they said

“Atmospheric and sensitively performed, its emotional impact was out of proportion to its scale.” – Richard Bratby, The Spectator

“A beautiful, dedicated and moving production”– Rupert Christiansen, Opera Critic for The Telegraph


Animated Trailer for Curlew River by Cecilia Reeve (

Curlew River marked a quilting point in the development of Britten's musical style, paving the way for the 'orientalism' that was to pervade his work right up until his death. Taking his inspiration from Japanese gagaku court theatre and classical Noh drama, which he had encountered during his concert tour of the Far East in 1955, Curlew River emerged as a work poised for the exploration of issues surrounding identity and otherness. Written amidst an international landscape fraught with political tensions and with the threat of destruction lingering on the brink, Curlew River unfolds as a deeply pathetic meditation on pain, loss and, however eventual, acceptance.


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The Madwoman Richard Robbins
The Ferryman Benjamin Bevan
The Traveller Ivo Almond
The Abbot Tom Herring
The Spirit James Bennett

Chorus Tenors
Philip Barrett
Liam Connery
Gethin Lewis

Chorus Baritones
James Edwards
Jevan McAuley
Jonny Venvell

Chorus Basses
Shaun Aquilina
Max Loble


Production Team

Producer / Musical Director Frederick Waxman
Artistic Director Peter Thickett
Set & Costume Designer Crispin Lord
Lighting Designer Edward Saunders
Marketing Manager Thea Waxman


Flute Thomas Sargéaunt
Horn Maude Wolstenholme
Viola Nicholas Hughes
Double Bass Jess Ryan
Harp Tomos Xerri
Percussion Tom Highnam
Chamber Organ Frederick Waxman

Production Photographs

Credit to Sam Cornish