Frederick Waxman


Frederick Waxman

Musical Director / Producer

Described by Radio 3’s Donald MacLeod as “extraordinarily resourceful”, Frederick Waxman is a musician from London. He recently graduated with a degree in Experimental Psychology from University College, Oxford, where he was an Academic Exhibitioner (Proxime Accessit to the Susan Mary Rouse Memorial Prize), Choral Scholar, and Instrumental Scholar.

He frequently accompanies singers in concert and in competition, as well as playing the oboe and singing as a freelancer. He is a member of the Arnold Schoenberg Chor in Vienna, and as an oboist, he recently performed a series of double concertos and duets at FitzFest with Dan Bates, principal of the Orchestra of the Age of Englightenment.

He is a keen interpreter of early music, playing the harpsichord and directing music for the New Renaissance Collective and for the Istante Collective, and just assisted for a production of Dido and Aeneas starting Mary Bevan at Queille festival in the South of France. Earlier this year Frederick directed music of his own composition for the play Timetravellers by Anastasiia Kosodii at the Teatr Lesi, Lviv. He studies musical direction with Howard Williams and Tim Redmond.