Ante Terminum Productions is a newly established music and theatre production company based in the heart of London. We aim to create vivid and immersive performances that explore the dramatic potential of music. Whether we're putting on an opera, performing a concert, or curating an installation, we seek to champion the wealth of British artistic talent that surrounds us, commissioning new works from innovative composers, designers, and writers.

Opera has always been an evolving art medium – there’s no reason it has to stand still now.

Taking a site-specific approach to the development of our productions, we seek to democratise and energise the medium, finding new ways to tell stories, new ways to capture the hearts and minds of our audiences.


'An opera begins long before the curtain goes up and ends long after it has come down. It starts in my imagination'

- Maria Callas


Ante Terminum Productions relies on the generous support of groups and individuals to bring our work to life, helping us to build the artistic partnerships that will foster a new generation of theatrical performance with music at its core. If you're interested in supporting the company, please get in touch by contacting director@anteterminumproductions.com. We'd be delighted to discuss the potential options with you.